Brooklyn Movers Affected By Massive Snowstorm

The recent snowstorm that swept across the east cost has affected millions of residents. Snow-trapped residents have stockpiled food and water to keep from having to get out in the elements. But what about the people that had been stockpiling their belongings into cardboard moving boxes preparing for the big moving day. If you had dreams of this being an easy and carefree move, think again. The snowstorm that came through has affected everyone, and that includes the moving companies.

If you haven’t heard from your moving company representative lately, it’s because they have likely been swamped with phone calls and customer service requests. The backlog of customers to contact and clients belongings to pick up is growing larger by the day. This just isn’t going to be easy if you’re in a hurry. But, if you’ve got a little patience to give, work with the moving company to come during an off-peak time, and be flexible!

Now that the streets are clear and the moving trucks can hit the pavement, the moving crews can begin their work. If you’re mover bailed on your order and you’re still searching, these are the best movers Brooklyn has to offer. Give them a call and tell them we referred you.

2016 is destined to be an interesting year. Good luck and happy moving!

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