Whether you’re moving one state over or across the country, moving out of state is entirely different than just moving across town or even city to city. While the experience can be a smooth process, it does take a little extra planning and time, plus the right resources to accommodate for the extra distance. Not surprisingly, a move from one state to another also requires a larger budget, but there are a few things that you can do to keep your costs down.

Choose the Right Moving Solution

There are essentially three options when moving out of state: full-service moving companies, DIY truck rental, or a hybrid solution, like Moving PODS.

Using a full-service moving company is typically the most expensive option because it involves outsourcing every aspect of the move – packing, loading, transporting, and unloading. Most companies will provide an in-home estimate and quote; however, the price can change after everything is loaded and weighed. While this is a pricey waive to move, if you’re short on time or you’re getting reimbursed for your moving expenses, hiring a legitimate interstate mover makes moving a whole lot easier.

Renting a truck is often considered the cheapest way to move out of state, but it does require that you do all the work. There are a few additional costs that can impact your budget in a significant way, including tolls, sales tax, plus hotel, food, and fuel costs.

Hybrid solutions are another option that much like just renting a truck can save money. Hybrid moving solutions typically involve you do the packing and loading and allowing the moving company to handle the driving or vice versa. In either case, you’ll save time, energy, and money by having a little extra help on your moving team.

While it may be the most expensive option, hiring a professional moving company to do all the work can also make the dreaded task of moving a ton easier.

Moving Out of State for Less

No matter which option you select, there are still more ways that you can save on your moving costs. These tips will help you move as inexpensively as possible:

1. Purge Your Stuff

Most moving companies charge by weight. So, it goes without saying that if you have less stuff, you’ll spend less on moving. The same is also true if you’re renting a truck or hiring movers. With fewer belongings, you can get a smaller truck. Take time to sort through your things and declutter your house now; you’ll save money on your move and will have less to deal with when you’re trying to settle into your new place.

2. Only Pay for What You Need

Cut costs by eliminating extra services that you don’t want or need. Be sure that you fully understand what is included in your quote as well as what can be added at an extra cost or removed to help you save. By only paying for what you need and want, you’ll be able to save.

3. Choose the Right Date

As crazy as it sounds, according to http://movingcompanieslongdistance.com, the date of your move can also significantly impact your cost. You can literally save hundreds of dollars by choosing the right date. Much like hotels and airlines, moving has “peak dates.” The cost of moving trucks and even movers are typically lower during the off-season (October through March). To get the best rates, try to avoid moving during summer and at the end of the month or during holidays.

Getting rid of all your old, unwanted junk prior to moving could save you a lot of money on your move.

The costs can certainly add up when you are planning an out of state move. However, if you follow these tips, you’ll keep your costs as low as possible and make the process easier for yourself.


There’s nothing worse then being duped into paying more than what you expected something would cost. We’ve all been there before when you begin the typical process of research a product or service, and you begin to have an expectation of how much it will cost. Then, before you know it, the small additions that you make add up to a substantial difference. Think about the car buying process. What starts as a base car with a reasonable price, turns into an expensive car when you add in the leather trim, audio system, and so forth.

The moving industry functions the same way. The goal of a moving company is to book business over the phone. This is particularly the case for long distance (referred to industry-wide as interstate moves) movers. The way that most people think about the moving process, it sounds like a commodity right? You need a few strong guys to pick up some stuff, put it in a truck, and take it to the other destination. I mean, how hard can it be…. right? When you start down this train of thought, it’s entirely logical to think that if a service isn’t difficult to perform and somewhat hard to mess up; choose the cheapest company! And that is precisely where you would be wrong.

Let me fill you in on a little secret when it comes to the pricing schemes behind these so-called cheap long distance moving companies. The quoted price over the phone is almost never the price you end up paying. There are hundreds of fees that get tacked on to the billing price. And on the day of the move, what are you going to do? It’s not worth cancelling the service, booking a new company, and waiting three more days for them to have availability. So, you end up sucking it up and paying the higher price.

This is why it is so important to make sure that you ask the moving company for all of the additional fees that can be or will be associated with the move. Additionally, make sure you are only working with licensed and verified movers. Check the American Mover & Storage Association (AMSA) for proper licensing and to ensure they are up to date on all of their regulatory paperwork.

One of the quickest ways to check for reliable, but affordable moving services is to begin by searching these cheap long distance moving companies. This service works ONLY with fully licensed and insured PROMOVERS. You’ll still want to make sure that you speak directly with each of the movers you receive a quote from, but knowing the source of the referral will give you additional confidence.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to doing your research ahead of time to be prepared. Moving is a complicated process and you shouldn’t expect finding the right reliable mover to be any easier, because it’s not!

Start your move the right way…. do your research!